About Us

Established in 2006 GCP Group is committed to exporting agricultural commodities from Africa which are well sourced and delivered to the highest customer satisfaction and in turn gaining valuable reputation in agribusiness. Initially our main export was cashew nuts and sesame seeds however through expanding its branches within India we have built a good reputation within the industry and are now able to broaden our list of products to accommodate demand of various types of oil, seeds, pulses and beans.

GCP Group has established an excellent supply chain which focuses on procuring quality agro products from farmers and markets all around Africa whilst maintaining the highest quality control. Our products are constantly and closely monitored by our experienced and trained staff; this ensures high spec and maximum valuable product delivered to our customers.

We are able to offer our products to our customers at a very competitive market price. We take extra care to ensure that the products meet the highest quality standards that our buyers expect. We believe that long term business relationship is built on trust and mutual understanding which in turn creates company's success and satisfied customers.

Who We Are?

GCP Group is engaged in the exports of agricultural commodities from Africa.  Established in 2006, with around 20 years of agribusiness experience of our director, its main exports were Cashew Nuts and Sesame Seeds. Through expanding its branches within Africa, and maintaining good reputation in the industry. We were able to expand our list of products to accommodate various types of  Oil Seeds, Pulses and Beans.

GCP Group. has its headquarters in Dar es Salaam which is the financial capital of Africa, and its amongst one of the most active ports in Africa. Our team of well qualified and experienced employees are dedicated to serve our customers needs in all aspects. We are ethical, innovative and constantly striving to improve so that we can deliver maximum value to the farmers and our international buyers.

Apart from the exports from Africa, through the reputable links we have developed globally over the years, we are able to source new products from our trade partners in other countries to supply and satisfy our customers requirements.

Why do Business with Us?

We are able to offer our products at very competitive prices in the market and at good volumes. We take extra care to ensure that the products meet the quality standards of our customers. We are very ethical and believe that long term business relationships are important for a company’s success and we are willing to execute anything in our means possible to achieve that.

How we Work?

GCP Group has established a well managed supply chain which focuses on procuring quality agro products from farmers and markets all around Africa. Cleaning and packaging of the products are constantly monitored and maintained by trained staffs, so that the products can reach high standards and maximum value can be delivered to our customers. Satisfying the customers choice is very important for us, so if there are any desirable preference in the quality and the packing of the products, we cater accordingly. Through in-house logistics and maintaining good relation with quality service providers, we are able to meet our shipments on time according to the customers needs. Quality standards are maintained at all levels along the supply chain, for all commodities, hence enabling us deliver quality products to our customers all around the world.

· Provide quality products

· Provide consistent good customer service.

· Perform business ethically at all times.

· Maximum contribution to the society and the growth of the country.

· Always strive to improve.

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