Who we are ?

GCP Group is engaged in the exports of agricultural commodities from Africa. Established in 2006, and our directors has over 10 years of experience in agribusiness. its main exports were Cashew Nuts and Sesame Seeds. Through expanding its branches within India, and maintaining good reputation in the industry. We were able to expand our list of products to accommodate various types of Oil Seeds, Pulses and Beans.

How We Work ?

GCP Group has established a well managed supply chain which focuses on procuring quality agro products from farmers and markets all around Africa. Cleaning and packaging of the products are constantly monitored and maintained by trained staffs, so that the products can reach high standards and maximum value can be delivered to our customers.

Why do Business with us ?

We are able to offer our products at very competitive prices in the market and at good volumes. We take extra care to ensure that the products meet the quality standards of our customers. We are very ethical and believe that long term business relationships are important for a company’s success and we are willing to execute anything in our means possible to achieve that.

About Us

  • Located in Africa, India and U.K.
  • One of the Major Exporters of Agro Commodities.
  • Maintaining Quality is our Main Objective.
  • We offer diverse range of Agro products.
  • We take extra care to satisfy our Customer needs.
  • Provide good customer service at all cost.


  • Provide quality agro products.
  • Provide consistent good customer service.
  • Perform business ethically at all times.
  • Maximum contribution to the society and the growth of the country.
  • Always strive to improve.

Pigeon Peas

Cashew Nut

Ground Nut 

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